Frequently asked questions



How can I book and do I pay a deposit for my shoot?

You can book online through my website, simply click on the 'book a session page' and find a date that suits you.


I take a deposit to hold your session in the diary, it is refundable should you cancel your session outside of 48hours, but if for any reason you can’t make your session or have to reschedule within that 48hour period, I will retain that deposit to cover studio time and costs incurred, often it is very difficult to fill a session at short notice, and can require lots of emailing and phoning around to find a suitable replacement, so leave plenty of time if you need to re-schedule.


How long are your shoots?

There is nothing worse than feeling pressured during a photo session – We will always allow ample time for your shoot, and before even one frame is taken, we sit and have an informal chat over a cup of tea and some biscuits, allowing us to get to know each other and for me to get to know exactly what you want from your photos.


After we have reviewed and discussed the photos together, I will then upload them the same day onto your own online gallery in your client area, and you will receive a confirmation email when they are uploaded. The client area will allow you to look through and favourite photos, as well as order retouches online. When you go through your gallery, I advise that you have a good hard look at them all, show them to friends & family, people that aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. If you are on facebook, it is always a good channel to get peoples opinions if you are unsure.



Is there parking at your studio?

Yes there is FREE parking here around the back. 

The studio address is


26A Gayton Road

King's Lynn


PE30 4DZ


What should I bring with me?

I generally ask people to bring at least 4-5 different tops that show them off well, if you have worn a top and people have commented on it suiting you, its a good sign, try and steer away from patterns as they can be distracting, but if you are unsure, bring a suitcase full and we’ll try a few! Also, its good to bring some layers, like a jacket or coat with you, or something with a collar, this often gets overlooked but can really work and it is another look to add to your portfolio.


Feel free to bring previous photos if you like, they can be very useful to get a full idea of how you look and which parts you like and don’t like about them. We have full access to spotlight if you are a performer, so if you’re online, we’ll usually have done some research before you arrive.


Also, bring a bunch of energy... and make sure you eat before your shoot.


What shall I do with my hair and make-up?

Hair plays such a huge part in your appearance, it is important to get it right. Try and resist having greasy or flat hair. With hair products, keep it as natural as you can, the same with make-up. If in doubt, resist adding any until we have met and discussed the session. There is plenty of time to play with that on the day.


I try and persuade people to keep their make-up natural. You need to look as close to how you would look going into a casting, so dont feel you need to put more on than you would normally.


All your finished selected photos will be digitally retouched anyway, so you will have your skin looking good.


Can I shave during my shoot?

Yes, BUT… I would say that unless you have a thick dark stubble, or a very strong jaw-line, i would resist a close, wet shave as it can make your face look shiny and swollen. Try using a pair of beard clippers on grade 1, to leave some shading and definition to the face.