Me and with my trusty Fujifilm X-T2 / 50-140 f/2.8 combo and my VW LT35 van that was my home for 4 months last year as I travelled around Europe.

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Hi, Matt Widgery here. Over the years I have worked in many photographic fields professionally including weddings, fashion, music, portrait and travel. These days I mainly shoot travel photography and spend my time teaching and exploring as much of this beautiful planet as I can.

The great news is you can join me on my adventures too. In 2018 I am taking 5 small groups out to Greece to learn how to shoot better travel photography while you're there I will be on hand to guide and teach you how to take your photography to the next level. 

I also host a popular photography YouTube channel to help other photographers, as well as running workshops all over the world so you can brush up your skills in some really cool locations.



I’m lucky enough to regularly travel to teach and shoot. This year my schedule is taking me to New Zealand, Greece, Nepal and India. Great travel photography should be a hymn to the place, the people and the culture of where you visit. It should carry the soul of the place and convey it to those who look at the pictures. This is my goal when shooting travel photography and what I teach in my workshops too.


Photographing human beings in cool and unusual ways is very exciting to me. We are such a capable, diverse and imaginative species that the possibilities are endless. My fashion work and my portraiture both have this belief at the core, which is what gives my work it's fresh style and approach.



My wedding work is photojournalistic in style. I believe a good set of wedding photos should not only tell the story of the day, but should be technically excellent too. Drawing on the best abilities of the photographer to compose, light and time candid moments in a way that is most satisfying to the eye as well as the heart and soul. This is what I find most exciting about shooting weddings.

Have a look through my portfolio and whatever you need your photos for, you'll quickly see why my motto is "You at your best, for the world to see!" 


Matt is represented in Europe and Worldwide by Colliding Lines